• Nappy Cakes by Emma

THEME: Peter Rabbit

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Oh how I love this classic theme! These Nappy Cakes have definitely been a popular seller selling out on numerous occasions!

PETER RABBIT NAPPY CAKE: My absolute favourite! The perfect combination of pastel blue and greens with the cutest Peter Rabbit Plush on top!

Three Tier Peter Rabbit Nappy Cake

Three Tier Peter Rabbit Nappy Cake: https://www.nappycakesbyemma.com.au/store/Three-Tier-Peter-Rabbit-Nappy-Cake-p135976541

Two Tier Peter Rabbit Nappy Cake: https://www.nappycakesbyemma.com.au/store/Two-Tier-Peter-Rabbit-Nappy-Cake-p91299574


Another favourite! Lots of pinks for this Flopsy Bunny Nappy Cake with some pops of green shrubbery and little pink roses with the cutest little Bunny on top!

Three Tier Flopsy Bunny Nappy Cake

I absolutely love creating unique and different nappy cakes. It is all about the small details which really adds to the designs.

Three Tier Flopsy Bunny Nappy Cake: https://www.nappycakesbyemma.com.au/store/Three-Tier-Flopsy-Bunny-Nappy-Cake-p91357232